The “Trishul” was given by Lord Shiva, it symbolises multiple things: Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), 3 Guna’s (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas), 3 Time Periods (Past, Present, Future).


The “Gada” was a gift by Kubera which symbolizes Love, Loyalty and Devotion.


The gift from Lord Brahma, the “Padma” is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and awakening to seek the eternal truth


The God of the Ocean, Varuna gave the “Sankha” to the Goddess which symbolises “Aum”, the symbol of the sound of creation.

The Axe

Brahma’s son, Vishwakarma, who was the engineer and carpenter of gods, was responsible for constructing numerous divine weapons. He gifted the goddess an axe, which symbolizes the creative and destructive aspects of energy.


Gifted by Lord Indra, “Vajra” symbolises Firmness of Character, Determination, and Supreme Power.


The Sudarshan Chakra was a gift by Lord Vishnu and symbolises the Goddess as the centre of this universe as it revolves around her finger.

The Bow and Arrow

The "Dhanush” was gifted by Lord Vayu and the “Baan” by Lord Surya symbolises Energy the Bow as Potential Energy and the Arrow as Kinetic energy.


The “Khadga” was given by Lord Yama and symbolises Authority, Being Unbiased and Discrimination Between Good and Bad.

Congratulations to the Top 10 Berger Priyo Pujos and Top 10 Abashan Pujos!

Congratulations to the winners of Alpona competition!

Dhunuchi Contest is on now, click here to know more!

Highlights of the season

Highlights of the season

Berger Priyo Pujo has carefully identified initiatives which are surely going to touch the emotions and expectations of everyone. With the competition completing 11 years, Berger Priyo Pujo, this year, has made glam and grandeur of the competition ten times bigger.

The key initiatives for this year's Berger Priyo Pujo

Berger Priyo Pujo Anthem

The catchiest tune of the festivity, the Berger Priyo Pujo anthem, originally sung by Koushiki Chakraborty, Iman Chakraborty, Rupam Islam & Rupankar, has leapt up the popularity charts every year. To add punch, Shaan, the famous playback singer and Somlata have also joined the bandwagon.

This year, the Berger Priyo Pujo song will also appear in its new avatar in a new video which strums the emotion that is Durga Puja in the hearts of every Bengali, whether they are here in Kolkata or other parts of the country or even crossing the borders across the world. Watch out and start humming.

Make reels with the snippets of the song and be a part of the grand celebrations….

So sing along with us and cheer for your favourite pujo!

Watch Now

Bhinno Chokhe Onyo Pujo

Among all the celebrations and pandal hopping, there are people who get left behind from the festivities. It is a sad reality that there are a lot of children and elderlies who spend most of their lives away from their families at orphanages and senior care homes. Old age is an inevitable part of human life and these people need the most care and affection to get through the loneliest stage of life, and same goes for the little ones who aren’t fortunate to know their families at all.

With this thought in mind, Berger Paints aims to include all these people in this year’s festivities. Few such orphanages and senior care homes will be chosen and given a grand makeover, both for the homes as well as the people residing in them. New paints for the homes and new clothes for the dear ones! But that’s not it, there will be lots of activities and excitements for this extended family of ours…

Alpona Contest

The Berger Priyo Pujo Alpona Contest is back with bigger grandeur and creativity from all the talented artists of different paras and abashans this year.

Running across Kolkata Barowari pujos & housing complexes of Kolkata, this colourful competition is for the Pujo organisers to participate and win exciting prizes.

Get as creative as you can get and the more the colour the better it is.

This competition is open for all the Pujo organisers by filling in a simple registration form that you get along with the Priyo Pujo registration form.

And the biggest surprise of all, we aim to break records with the stature and creativity of this year's Alpona Contest!

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Dhunuchi Nach Contest

11 years of Berger Priyo Pujo, so why not 11 times the celebrations! Keeping in mind our exhilarating Pujo rituals, Berger Priyo Pujo has chosen the most fun of them all, Dhunuchi Nach!

Deck up and dance to the tunes of the Berger Priyo Pujo anthem with a ‘dhunuchi’ in hand and send the videos for us to choose this year’s winners.

The best performances would win amazing prizes!

360 Degree Pujo Parikrama

Once again designed for people confined at home, the 360-degree Pujo broadcast will allow you to virtually witness a puja mandap in complete 360-degree view.

Special cameras will be installed in these puja pandals which will capture the entire look and feel of the pandals and can be accessed from the comfort of your homes.

Get a virtual tour of ten eminent pujos this festive season.

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Ashtami Anjali

This year too, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the festivities. Even if they are unable to go out pandal hopping, Berger Paints continues with its innovative technology which will allow people to witness the pujo festivities like Ashtami Anjali from the comfort of their homes from a few select pujo mandaps.

Special arrangements have been made to stream the Anjali live through Berger Priyo Pujo official website. You can select from a list of live locations to pay your tribute to Maa Durga from the comfort of your home and yet keep the festive spirit high.