Highlights of the season

Berger Priyo Pujo has carefully identified initiatives which are surely going to touch the emotions and expectations of everyone. With the competition being on hold last year, Berger Priyo Pujo, this year, has taken up a more rational and responsible approach for Durga Pujo without any compromise on the glam and grandeur of the competition.

The key initiatives for this year's Berger Priyo Pujo:

Festive Heritage of Bengal Districts:

The cosmopolitan crowd of Kolkata often forgets the essence of rural Bengal which too holds a rich culture and heritage within it. Berger Priyo Pujo takes a sneak peek by showcasing four unique films on four different geographies of Bengal.

Each of them will have its own story authored by famous poet Srijato and recited by eminent artists from the cultural fraternity. The unique films will celebrate the essence of Durga Puja in the hinterlands of Bengal. Please tune in and listen to these beautiful recitations with a mesmerising visual treat!

With this, Berger Priyo Pujo now enters the hinterlands of Bengal and captures its rich culture and legacy.

Priyo Pujo Selfie Contest:

This year Berger Priyo Pujo is bringing to you a chance to win exciting gifts while you go pandal hopping. Spot the Berger Silk Breathe Easy Can at select pujo pandals, click a selfie with the can and win exciting gift vouchers.

The Third Eye:

Most of the elderly and children will be confined indoors this year too but just so that they don't may miss out on the festivities, Berger Paints has come up with an innovative technology which will allow people to witness the pujo festivities like Ashtami Anjali from the comfort of their homes from few select pujo mandaps.

Special arrangements have been made to stream the Anjali live through Berger Priyo Pujo official website. You can select from a list of live locations to pay your tribute to Maa Durga from the comfort of your home and yet keep the festive spirit high.

Please visit our Berger Priyo Pujo website and click on the digital Third Eye tab to witness the live streaming.

360 Degree Pujo Parikrama:

Once again designed for people confined at home, the 360-degree Pujo broadcast will allow you to virtually witness a puja mandap in complete 360-degree view.

Special cameras will be installed in these puja pandals which will capture the entire look and feel of the pandals and can be accessed from the comfort of your homes.

The Berger Priyo Pujo website will be broadcasting these facilities all throughout the festivity period.

Idol Making Process on Time-lapse @ Kumortuli:

Yes, it is as interesting as it sounds.

Berger Priyo Pujo brings to you yet another innovative time-lapse video allowing the people to witness the amazing creativity of the artisans of Kumortuli who bring Devi Durga to life from a mere pile of mud.

The video will be in time lapse format where one can witness the entire idol making process. To bring out the essence of the concept there will be a background score written by Bangla Academy Award winner Srijato which has been tuned by National Award winner Indradip Dasgupta and recited by famous Actor Parambrata.

Unsung Heroes of Colour:

Every year thousands of people work tirelessly to make our festivities more colourful. Among them are people who add colour to our festivity in the real sense.

We fail to realise the sacrifices these men make as they travel to the city of joy in search of livelihood, leaving their families behind - whose dreams go unnoticed every festive season. Mostly covered in shades of grey, the bright colours are always missing from their lives.

This festive season Berger Paints takes up a special initiative to add colour to the lives of these men and their families back home. We have taken the pledge to reach out to hundred such painters coming from various parts of the state and some from beyond.

Berger Priyo Pujo would surprise these hundred men with lots of puja gifts to take back home for their families. Every packet will be containing something for each family member.

This would be a token of appreciation for the artisans and their families back home.

A Social Approach:

When the entire city is drenched in the joy of festivity, young and innocent prying eyes gaze through the windows of orphanages looking at others. Eyes which should be filled with colour and spark were looking at grey shadows of the passers-by.

Berger Paints takes up the initiative to share happiness with these innocent children. A pair of new clothes, sweets and a lot of time with them are all it takes to bring back the spark and colour in their eyes.

Berger Priyo Pujo Anthem:

The catchiest tune of the festivity has always been the Berger Priyo Pujo anthem. Originally sung by Koushiki Chakraborty, Iman Chakraborty, Rupam Islam & Rupankar, the song has leapt up the popularity charts every year. To add punch, Shaan, the famous playback singer and Somlata have also joined the bandwagon.

So sing along with us and cheer for your favourite pujo!!

Alpona Contest:

The Berger Priyo Pujo Alpona Challenge is back with bigger grandeur and creativity from all the talented artists of different paras and abashans this year.

Running across Kolkata Barowari pujos & housing complexes of Kolkata, this colourful competition is for the Pujo organizers to participate and win exciting prizes.

Get as creative as you can get and more the colour the better it is.

This competition is open for all the Pujo organizers by filling-in a simple registration form that you get along with the Priyo Pujo registration form.

And the biggest surprise of all, we aim to break records with the stature and creativity of this year's Alpona Challenge!!