The “Trishul” was given by Lord Shiva, it symbolises multiple things: Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), 3 Guna’s (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas), 3 Time Periods (Past, Present, Future).


The “Gada” was a gift by Kubera which symbolizes Love, Loyalty and Devotion.


The gift from Lord Brahma, the “Padma” is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and awakening to seek the eternal truth


The God of the Ocean, Varuna gave the “Sankha” to the Goddess which symbolises “Aum”, the symbol of the sound of creation.

The Axe

Brahma’s son, Vishwakarma, who was the engineer and carpenter of gods, was responsible for constructing numerous divine weapons. He gifted the goddess an axe, which symbolizes the creative and destructive aspects of energy.


Gifted by Lord Indra, “Vajra” symbolises Firmness of Character, Determination, and Supreme Power.


The Sudarshan Chakra was a gift by Lord Vishnu and symbolises the Goddess as the centre of this universe as it revolves around her finger.

The Bow and Arrow

The "Dhanush” was gifted by Lord Vayu and the “Baan” by Lord Surya symbolises Energy the Bow as Potential Energy and the Arrow as Kinetic energy.


The “Khadga” was given by Lord Yama and symbolises Authority, Being Unbiased and Discrimination Between Good and Bad.

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2023 - Prize Distribution of Priyo Pujo, Kolkata

2022 - Prize Distribution of Priyo Pujo, Kolkata

2021 - Prize Distribution of Priyo Pujo, Kolkata

2020 - Alpona - Berger Priyo Abashan Pujo

2020 - Alpona - Berger Priyo Pujo

2020 - Berger Priyo Abashan Pujo, Kolkata

2020 - Barowari Pujo, Kolkata

2020 - District Pujo, Kolkata

2019 - Alpona - Berger Priyo Abashan Pujo

2019 - Alpona - Berger Priyo Pujo

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