About The Contest

About the contest

It's that time of the year when the city of Kolkata vibrates to the beat of dhaks, the chanting mantras and the sweet aroma of the burning incense. Nature too joins in the celebration with sunny weather and white cotton clouds floating in the clear blue sky. The sound, smells and the vibe in the air suddenly comes together to tell you the biggest festival of Bengal, Durga Pujo has arrived.

Amidst all the fun and festivities of Durga Puja, it's also time for one of Kolkata's biggest extravaganzas - Berger Priyo Pujo 2017. This year is particularly significant as it marks the fifth year of the Berger Priyo Pujo celebrations. This year too Berger Priyo Pujo is featuring some of the best 'priyo pujos' of Kolkata in two categories: Berger Priyo Pujo, which essentially highlights the 'para pujos' and Berger Priyo Abashan Pujo which features some of the unique pujos celebrated in the gated communities of Kolkata.

This year the voting process will be through three secured platforms - (i) IVR based calling (ii) website based and (iii) Berger Priyo Pujo mobile APP based.

Berger Priyo Pujo is a unique contest where every citizen gets a chance to vote for the pujo that is 'priyo' to him/her. There can be many reasons to select and vote for a particular pujo as your favourite - it could mean bringing back childhood memories of pandal hopping with friends, enjoy eating bhog or even organising your own para pujo for a long time. Your vote will decide this year's city's Top 10 Berger Priyo Pujos and Top 3 Berger Priyo Abashan Pujos vying for the Bumper Prize. Additionally this year 5 Pujos from either category will be selected for Public Choice Award.

Call or log on to www.bergerpriyopujo.com to vote.
So, go on and vote for your Priyo Pujo.

Event Flow

  • Step 1 : Pujo Committees to register their pujos through a printed registration form or by calling 81009 81009 and the last date of registration will be Aug.23, 2017.

  • Step 2 : Voting for the 1st Phase for popular pujos will be opened to the public from Aug.27 - Sept.7, 2017. All voting will take place either through IVR based phone number 81009 81009 or by logging on to www.bergerpriyopujo.com

  • Step 3 : Based on the first phase of voting, Top 40 Berger Priyo Pujos + Top 10 Berger Priyo Abashan Pujos will be shortlisted. Voting for the 2nd Phase is scheduled from Sept.10 – Sept.21, 2017.

    Each of the 40 Berger Priyo Pujo & 10 Berger Priyo Abashan Pujos will be given a Unique Short Code.

    All voting will take place either through IDEA IVR based Voting number 81009 81009 or www.bergerpriyopujo.com or through Berger Priyo Pujo mobile APP.

  • Step 4 : During this time, citizens of Kolkata who register to get their home painted through Berger Express Painting between Aug.15 - Sept.15, 2017 will get a chance to participate in a lucky draw.

    12 Lucky citizens will get a chance to be on the panel of Citizen Judges wherein they will be treated like VIPs and get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to judge the top Berger Priyo Pujos of Kolkata and also get a chance to meet some of the top celebrities.

    To get your home painted please SMS XP to 56767. To know more, keep following www.bergerpriyopujo.com for announcements and updates.

  • Step 5 : The final results will be based on citizen votes and rating given by Citizen Judges.

    The Top 10 Berger Priyo Pujos Category will be declared on Sept.25, 2017. Each will be given a Prize Money of Rs. 50,000/- and a trophy by Berger Paints. Whereas the Top 3 Berger Priyo Abashan Pujo Category will also be declared on Sept.25, 2017 and will be given a Prize Money of Rs. 20,000/- each and a trophy by Berger Paints.

    Additionally, 5 Pujos will get Public Choice Award by Berger Paints, based on public vote and judgements and each pujo will be given Rs. 10,000 and trophy and certificate.

Terms & Conditions
If your pujo is among the Top 50, then you will have to put up 2 BERGER PRIYO PUJO banners (minimum 20 ft x 10 ft size) around the pandal free of cost | One person can vote only once from each platform | All online votes will be verified | All the prize money will be given in the form of Bank Cheques after deducting Govt. taxes | The verdict of the citizens, i.e. citizen votes and judgement by Citizen Judges will be final | All participating pujos will have to display Berger Express Painting Standee or equivalent | In case of any disputes, the decision of Berger Paints will be final and binding.